What Is Coaching?



“The Mind is a Great Healer.” – Hippocrates

Personal coaching is an on-going collaborative partnership with clients based in taking action. This happens in a thought provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.


In this powerful alliance, as your coach, I focus my full energy and attention on helping you achieve your goals. Using powerful active listening and a personalized approach to your needs, I am able to act as a totally objective, non judgmental, supportive mirror.


In this way, I help you become more aware of your

  • Self-imposed obstacles, blocks, unconscious unbalanced beliefs and
  •  Unhelpful or distractive impulses, urges, or desires

Those that take you away from your trues goals and intentions in life.

I believe each person is naturally creative and resourceful and
I help you discover your inner wisdom so you can begin to

  • See your unlimited potential,
  • Accelerate your thinking,
  • Improve your performance and
  • Enhance your quality of life.

Coaching is all about YOU. It is your life’s best investment.

By partnering with me as your coach you are gaining a non biased accountability partner to make informed choices about where to focus your intention and to powerfully brainstorm, problem-solve, consider all the possibilities and elicit your own solutions and strategies.

You will experience a positive new energy, become you own healer and begin to create your fulfilling future.

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