What Other’s Say

“We live in a cynical age and I’ll admit I was skeptical when Frederique described her usual coaching outcomes as ‘transformational’. But six months later, my life is transformed. I have embraced a radical change of direction in my work and I can’t thank Frederique enough for the help and support she has provided to me through her coaching.” – Jenny

vancouver-bridgeYou are so easy to talk to and that I was comfortable enough with you to tell you things I had probably not told anyone before! I also thought I was a happy person before I met you but you allowed me to find out how to feel true happiness. Also one of the major things I have achieved after my sessions with you is a great reduction in my fear of heights. I had to test this fear constantly on my holiday. In Vancouver we went to the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park. I walked across the suspension bridge, went on the tree top walk but my greatest achievement was to walk on the cliff walk. I was still afraid but a year ago I would not have been able to walk on it at all. I also went on very high gondolas and to a lookout with a glass lift on the side of a building.

I feel very proud of myself, all thanks to you.

I also feel very healthy and happy.” – Therese

“Coaching with you has made such a big difference in my life and even makes other people see me in a different light. It is bringing out the best in me. Each session I am just feeling stronger, more confident, and happy.” – Noelle.

“Frederique has helped me in so many ways. Patient, kind, warm and clever, she has guided me to new ways of thinking, shared with me techniques and strategies for coping and thriving, and shown me how I could achieve the changes and new directions I wanted to pursue, but had previously hardly dared to dream of.” – Jennifer

“I have worked alongside Frederique at numerous seminars and witnessed her dedication and integrity in working with children, teenagers and adults. Frederique is able to hold a strong and compassionate space that allows her clients to feel totally supported and safe, allowing deep clearing and healing. I have no hesitation in recommending her as an integrative coach.” – Sharon

“How often do we sabotage ourselves and why? By overcoming emotional stumbling blocks, improving life and time management, Frederique showed me that by seeing life through a new lens I have been able to free up my true, higher self, enjoy life, and take steps to reach my full creative potential. She is an expert in eliciting your best attributes and guides you to make the most of your assets and creative talents in you personal ad professional life” – Joy

“You are very good at “holding the space”. So often people try to rush you past difficult feelings but you have a stillness when you listen”. – Belinda


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