Any discussion about health inevitably comes around to the subject of food. Hippocrates said “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food”. So with this in mind, at Morris Wellness, we concern ourselves with the diets of our clients, as this has such a tremendous impact on their physical and emotional health.

While everyone will be aware of the need to watch their weight, did you know that the food choices we make directly affect our energy levels, sleeping patterns, moods and the rate of our ageing? There is so much conflicting information today, largely driven by commercial interests, that the poor consumer (and unsuspecting doctor!) is an easy target for misinformation.

What has become clear is there is no one diet that works for everyone. At Morris Wellness we practice holistic nutrition, listening to you as you explore various dietary approaches, and endeavoring to support you with solid objective feedback. We partner with you to help you to be your best, and seek to supply you with ongoing education from the foremost nutrition experts in the world, empowering you to make informed lifestyle choices.

Our clinical nutritionist approach is a unique blend of food awareness and medical science. Too often clients have to span the great divide between what their primary health care provider recommends and that which their dietician advises. Now you can have it all at Morris Wellness, your nutritionist Canberra clinic.

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