Skin Cancer Screening

Computer-assisted skin cancer screening and minor skin surgery

Did you know Australia has the highest incidence of skin cancer in the world? Two out of three Australians can expect to develop at least one skin cancer in their lifetime. This also includes people with tanned or olive complexions.

At MorrisWellness, we’ve been employing Computer Assisted Skin Cancer Screening since 1999 and, indeed, we were the first clinic in Canberra to use this technology. We now have the very latest in professional imaging systems for progressive early recognition of skin cancer and image documentation.


This technology has revolutionised the early detection of skin cancers and, using a polarised lens, requires no oil to be applied to your skin to achieve clear sharp images of your moles. In this way, it’s quicker and cleaner. But, most importantly, due to its higher magnifications of 15X to 120X, our Computer Assisted Skin Cancer Screening can minimise the unnecessary excision of perfectly harmless moles and skin lesions. And you can see your skin being carefully examined at the same time. In this way, it is both a surveillance and an educational device. With it’s integrated expert system, each mole is automatically analysed and a risk index generated, based on the world’s largest multi-centre study for computer-aided early detection of skin cancer.

It takes approximately 15 minutes to photograph and map all the significant skin lesions and moles on your body. Women should avoid wearing any make-up at the examination, as this will hinder the clarity of the images. Patients will be advised if they require a clinical review, or excision, of a particular skin lesion.

So take the worry out of looking at your moles and wondering if one of them might be cancerous. With melanomas, time is of the essence, so schedule your full body skin screen at your skin cancer clinic Canberra, today. No referral is necessary.

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