Metaphors Flying free knowing there is always a light house to guide me to where I choose to fly.


I can only remember the darkness between the waves. The cracking sounds of the wind smacking two waves against each other, the water slapping my face, the salt on my lips, and my little arms grasping onto the side of the rubber boat, not bigger than the length of my legs. The storm wrenching me further and further from the marina, away from the coast, away from those two giant fantom mountains bordering the village of Cadaques in the Pyrenees ranges. The dark waves swallowing me…
Past the fear to be devoured, taken away, forgotten, ignored, rejected…from wave to wave. After confronting my demons, carried on the crisp of a wave, I notice in the distance the light flickering from the light house, bigger, then smaller, then bigger again… And as I get bursted around into the nowhere I notice the light is always here. And this is all I focus on…before the black hole.
Out of nowhere I hear a sound. Out of nowhere a hand grasps me. “You are safe” … I find myself holding tight onto this stranger perplexed fisherman who is completely stunned having found a little 5 year old girl grasping onto a rubber kid boat, on his road back to port, apparently kilometres from the Spanish Coast.

From Fear to Trust
I was reflecting on the power of metaphors in our life, and this 50 year old memory resurfaced with this realisation: could the flickering light from a far away light house have shifted my state, created the magic and saved my life?
How many times in our life do we feel out of control, in up and down waves carrying us out and away into the ocean of life, having forgotten or not even knowing where the coast is?
What would it take to see the flickering light and know with certainty that you are not lost? Knowing, choosing, designing your own light house, so you can always find your way to your chosen destination. I love this metaphor that, as a coach I am the fisherman who lifts you up, helps you choose your destination and supports you back to the port.
And what if in the process, you could wake up the alchemist in you, who has the power to use the storm as a propellor to take you faster where you didn’t dare to go? What if the flickering light ignited in you a new passion for life and you took the risk to enjoy the journey?
As I write these words, I feel a strong emotion rising in me, as I suddenly realise how this defining terrifying moment might have been a gift in my life…

How are you speaking to yourself? What metaphors are you using to describe the events in your life? What do those metaphors mean to you? Are they empowering or disempowering you?
You are the alchemist who has the power to choose metaphors now and create a new meaning and a new world full of possibilities for you.

I would love for you to share this. As you read my experience and what it means to me now, how can you change the meaning of your stumbles and/or your biggest fears, to make them the stepping stones to your success?

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